Redding woman facing 65 counts of animal cruelty may be able to own goats again following court stipulation

News 12 first covered the story of Nancy Burton three years ago when she had 65 goats on her property that neighbors say she could not take care of.

Mark Sudol

Mar 14, 2024, 4:46 PM

Updated 34 days ago


Animal rights groups say they are upset that a Redding woman who faces 65 counts of animal cruelty for hoarding goats may be able to own them again.
News 12 Connecticut first reported on Nancy Burton's story three years ago.
She had 65 goats on her property that neighbors say she could not take care of.
Officials say some of the goats were dead.
"It was horrible," said Robin "Zilla" Cannamela, with animal rights group Desmond's Army.
Burton claims she buried the goats, but some were in plastic bags and inside trash containers.
The living goats were taken by the state.
Burton was arraigned in April 2021 on 65 counts of animal cruelty.
The judge offered her a rehabilitation program, but she turned it down.
She was determined to get her goats back.
"The state has been pre-determined to create a situation, which was wonderful for goats, into something that was hell," Burton told News 12 Connecticut three years ago.
The courts now say if she goes through a 30-day rehabilitation program, she can have goats again after she completes the program.
Animal rights groups like Desmond's Army say that's wrong.
"The recidivism rate on hoarding is 100%. So, if anything the court should impose, either a weathering, which is neutering for male goats, and a limit on how many she can have," said Cannamela.
Desmond's Army says most people who hoard are usually dealing with a past trauma.
"If you see cases where you think that people have too many animals, an exorbitant amount of animals please call your animal control officer," said Cannamela.
News 12 Connecticut reached out to Nancy Burton for comment but has not heard back.
Burton is not allowed to own any animals while the case is ongoing

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