Baby Boom: 15 Greenwich Hospital employees expecting babies

Fifteen employees at Greenwich Hospital's labor and delivery, maternity, and neonatal intensive care units are expecting babies.
Nurses, a doctor, and a nurse’s assistant are all set to give birth from May through October with the first baby already being born this month.
“We practice what we preach,” Terry Nicoladse says. Nicoladse, a registered nurse at Greenwich Hospital for the past 28 years, says she’s never seen anything like this, adding, “I am not one of the pregnant women.”
But registered nurse Lindsay Polizzi is. “It was just like one after the other after the other. And like our manager's like, ‘not another one!’" Polizzi, says. She's expecting her first child.
“A lot of times when patients are coming over to us from labor and delivery, and their nurse there is pregnant, and then they come to our side, and then they see that I’m pregnant, they're like ‘what's going on there?’” explains registered nurse Stephanie Ehrenkranz.
“We were like, ‘oh my God, is it the water?’” said registred nurse Laura Levesque.

“You know? Or what are we eating?” added registered nurse Katryn Perez. Perez is pregnant with her first child, but doesn’t know the gender. “It’s going to be a surprise.”
Most will continue working around the clock right up until it’s their turn
“I’m feeling good. The second one definitely feels different than the first,” Dr. Julianne Biroschak says, “But overall healthy and good.”
“I had a rough first trimester, but I’m feeling great now. Since week 20, it's been smooth sailing,” Madeline Li, a registered nurse, says.
And with 12-hour shifts, you can imagine, the group is already a tight-knit family.
Now they’re one that’s expanding.
“It’s so great to be able to share the experience with people, especially people you work so closely with,” Brittany Holzhauer, a registered nurse, says. “Some playdates in the future for sure.”