Back to School: Orange teacher brings music education into the 21st century

An Orange teacher is bringing music education into the 21st century.
Kyle Ryan's approach to teaching music at the Turkey Hill School in Orange involves a lot of instructional videos on his YouTube channel.
At home and in class, students use personal laptops and Ryan's growing library of YouTube videos to follow along.
"Technology, for me, has changed the game because it allows me to reach every learner independently," Ryan says.
Ryan takes requests and often teaches students how to play pop songs they love listening to.
He says the same things people might complain about with pop songs are exactly what make them good teaching tools.
"It's not very complex, it's simple, it's easy to jump into, it's repetitive, so they get exposure again and again to the same concepts over and over, and it's everywhere, it's part of their lives," Ryan says.