Bassick High School moving to University of Bridgeport campus

The city of Bridgeport announced Monday a new Bassick High School will be built at the University of Bridgeport.
The city is expected to start paying the university $6 million this year for the nearly 7 acres of property that wraps around the UB soccer field.
The city said in a press release, "This education model will allow students to take advantage of the college atmosphere and progress from high school to college."
Bassick is now one of the city's oldest and most outdated schools, especially since Harding just built a new high school. Bassick opened in 1929.
Goodwin University President Mark Scheinberg, whose East Hartford school stands to be the prime recipient of UB real estate, says this can only help students.
"It takes away their anxiety about going to college. It suddenly becomes a possibility and it becomes natural," said Scheinberg.
Bridgeport public schools says demolition of existing buildings is expected in the next few weeks, and construction is set to begin this time next year.
Last year, the city was looking at the former Harvey Hubbell property at 1575 State St., but that plan fell through.
The school district has been looking to rebuild Bassick for quite some time.
The University of Bridgeport announced last week it plans to join forces with several higher education institutions.