Black Rock apartment complex residents say building feels unsafe after flooding, leaks, broken elevator

Residents at the Albion Apartments in Black Rock say they don't feel safe and are demanding action after structural problems led to flooding, mold and other complaints.
Albion Apartments in Black Rock is only about 10 years old and looks beautiful on the outside, but looks can be deceiving, residents say.
The complex, which also contains a medical center, was hailed as an example of urban development and public housing for other communities to follow. But a decade later, that is far from the reality.
Video from inside shows a bathroom after a recent storm with water everywhere, and residents say it's not an isolated situation.
Workers were in the building Friday fixing walls in another apartment after a resident said she had the same problem.
While News 12 at the scene, an elevator in the building broke down - leaving the news team stranded momentarily until they finally got the door to open.
People who live at the apartment building say they don't feel safe and that they are extremely frustrated.
John Kukulka of Park City Communities is heading up an effort to get the building fixed. He says the architectural firm will arrive on Monday, then a general contractor will carry out the repairs in March and April.
Housing officials tell News 12 Connecticut the building is not run by the Bridgeport Housing Authority, but rather is managed by a third-party company. However, they say they surveyed the complex Thursday because of all the problems and will be using public dollars to bring in an architect next week to start fixing the problem.
Housing officials say they thank residents for being patient as they work to get the problems fixed as quickly as possible.