Blumenthal urges DOJ investigation before Humana-Cigna merger approval

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D) is calling for a thorough investigation by the U.S. Justice Department into potential antitrust violations before considering approval for the merger between insurance giants Humana and CIGNA.
Expressing concern over the potential impact on medical care affordability and accessibility, Blumenthal emphasized the need for a comprehensive probe to prevent adverse effects on health care.
"The impact of this potential merger on medical care—particularly the affordability and availability of it—could be absolutely stunning if it is allowed to proceed; so there should be a major investigative effort into potential antitrust violations before Humana and Cigna can be given the green light," stated Blumenthal during his remarks.
He highlighted the importance of ensuring that the merger does not lead to increased pharmaceutical costs for Americans, underscoring the significance of safeguarding healthcare accessibility and affordability amidst any potential corporate consolidation.