Bradley Cooper, Carey Mulligan shoot scenes in Fairfield for new Netflix biopic

Production crews were shooting scenes in Fairfield this week at St. Pius X Parish on Brookside Drive for a new Netflix movie starring Bradley Cooper and Carey Mulligan.
Fairfield neighbors were surprised to see St. Pius X turned into a staging ground for a biopic set to come out in 2023 about the life of Leonard Bernstein.
Cooper used makeup and prosthetics to transform into the late composer.
Production wrapped up Thursday near Dunham Road, where Bernstein bought a house in the 1960s.
News 12 Connecticut's Sean McCabe spoke to a few Fairfield residents who say they're fans of Cooper's talents, on and off the big screen.
They say they're more excited to see the finished product, especially now that they got a look behind the scenes, but they haven't spotted Cooper or co-star Carey Mulligan.
Shooting for the Netflix film in Fairfield is set to officially wrap up Friday.