Breast cancer awareness: Damon Runyon 5K will have runners under the lights of Yankee Stadium

Runners geared up Sunday at Macombs Park ahead of a 5K at Yankee Stadium that raises awareness about breast cancer.
On Thursday, New Yorkers will get the chance to run under the lights at the stadium as part of the Damon Runyon 5K.
On the track at Macombs Park, runner Patryk Odedina was accompanied by family and friends – warming up for the event they said is very close to their hearts.
"She's going to beat it is what I say…There's really no other option but for her to beat this," Odedina said about his mother, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.
This will be the first in-person Runyon 5K at Yankee Stadium in more than three years and 100% of the funds raised will go directly to support innovative cancer research.
Odedina's mother, Dorota Bil, said she is proud of her son's efforts and hopes that all who attend on Thursday take away how important being informed can be.
"I am the first one in my family. Nobody had it. I didn't think I would have it, but here I am and I hope that these young people raise more funds so the new advancements will prevent suffering and deaths from cancer," Bil said.
"I'm looking forward to running on the field with all the people who are going to be supporting the event and fundraising for cancer," Odedina said.