Bridgeport boy undergoes 2 surgeries following pit bull attack

A Bridgeport woman says a pit bull attacked her 7-year-old nephew - and that the dog was responsible for another attack weeks ago in the Park City.
Jamesha Johnson says she is outraged that her nephew was attacked by the dog at Hallet and Arctic streets Thursday around 8:30 p.m.
The 34-year-old Bridgeport resident says her nephew underwent two surgeries at Bridgeport Hospital as a result of the attack, which happened while walking with his mom to the store.
Johnson says it was also two weeks ago that 39-year-old Samantha McNeil was attacked by a pit bull at the same location and required surgery on her neck.
Both victims' families tell News 12 they believe the same dog is involved in both attacks.
However, they say a second dog was also involved in the first attack and that the animal was not present when the 7-year-old was attacked.
They say the owner of the dogs has not been fined in either of the cases.
Police say animal control is investigating both incidents.