Bridgeport City Council candidates who won in primary focused on 'setting goals and looking to the future'

Bridgeport City Council candidates who won Tuesday's primary say they're focused now on "setting goals and looking to the future."
Incumbent Maria Pereira tells News 12 that after a hard-won victory, it felt great to be the city's "No. 1 vote getter."
"We had an amazing victory. About 64% of the voters in our district voted for me and Michelle, " she says.
Incumbent Jorge Cruz was also victorious but running mate Denese Taylor Moye was not. The winner in that race is 25-year-old newcomer Tyler Mack.
"It was a good, honest race. No negativity on either side because we're trying to bring a new politics here in Bridgeport. I don't believe in negativity because that doesn't help anyone," Mack says.
Ernie Newton won in the East End, but his running mate - Eneida Martiez - also lost.
Newton says it's time to give the City Council more autonomy.
"Times have changed, and it's time for the City Council to have more independence from the executive branch," he says.
Allsion Waggner spoke Friday for newcomer Aikeem Boyd, who won in the 133rd.
"I think it spoke to the power of the grassroots movement, the door knocking, the phone calls and also his longtime roots here in Bridgeport," she says.
City Council President Aidee Nieves, in one of the most high-profile races, fended off her challenger and was endorsed by Bridgeport Generation Now.
In a campaign season filled with a lot of fast footwork, longtime political observer Chris Caruso saying the primary was a watershed moment.
Caruso says because of the high number of registered Democrats in Bridgeport, whoever wins the primary generally goes on to win in November.