Bridgeport city employee who threw crowded birthday party speaks about possible criminal probe

City of Bridgeport employee Danny Pizarro talked to News 12 on camera about a possible criminal probe into a birthday party at his home that police say violated COVID-19 protocols.
One local leader says Pizarro and several prominent officials who were at the party should resign or be fired.
Pizarro, who has apologized for "making a mistake" by holding a birthday party says he intends to "fully cooperate with any potential investigation by the state's attorney."
Pizarro will be fined $500 for incident that happened Saturday night in Trumbull.
Police were called to Pizarro's house on Huntington Turnpike after they got word of his 48th birthday party.
Video on Pizarro's own social media account shows partygoers violating protocols by being packed together and not wearing masks.
State Rep. Chris Rosario and New Haven Health Department Director Maritza Bond have also said they were at the party.
Rep. Rosario tells News 12 in part, "The party ballooned into something that was out of Danny's control. It's unfortunate what happened. We all make mistakes. Mr. Pizarro apologized and lesson learned to everybody involved."
Bridgeport Councilwoman Maria Pereira is calling for all government officials and municipal employees who were at the party to resign or be terminated.
"He had an obligation to immediately exit that event and call Trumbull police and report it," says Pereira. "I'm calling for Danny Pizarro and every municipal employee who was there to be terminated, and Chris Rosario should resign."
Pizzaro's attorney Dennis Bradley says he does not want to see anyone who was at the party lose their job, because he does not believe what took place there warrants such action.
"There was a breach here of the governor's order, but it was not done with malice, with forethought or with reckless disregard for those orders," says Bradley.
State's Attorney Joseph Corradino say he's investigating Pizarro's party. Police say an anonymous tip led them to the party.