Bridgeport community calls for more police patrols following 2 shootings in 1 week

Two men have been charged with attempted murder in a Bridgeport shooting, police say.

News 12 Staff

May 27, 2022, 4:26 PM

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A community in Bridgeport is hoping for a safer start to summer after being plagued by two shootings in the span of a week.
Axel Garcia, 18, says he was inside his house Thursday morning when he heard at least a dozen gunshots. It happened at Park Avenue and Vine Street around 10 a.m. He says his brothers and sisters live there and his sister saw it happen.
Police say a 42-year-old Bridgeport man was critically injured after being struck in the hail of gunfire.
Less than a week earlier, police say another man was also shot on Park Avenue and was critically injured.
"It is unfortunate, it is just unfortunate that these guys, these punks with a gun, they handle their business with a damn gun. It's very sickening," said Bridgeport City Council Member Jorge Cruz.
Cruz says it never fails - every year in the weeks leading up to summer, the number of shootings goes up along with the temperature.
"And I'm very concerned, just like everybody else is concerned, that every time the summertime is around the corner, we already know that gun violence is around the corner," he said,
Police say two men were arrested in Thursday's shooting -- 22-year-old Tyler Ronan, of Georgia, and 26-year-old Tyrone Purcell, of Bridgeport.
Cruz says he'll be calling on police to step up patrols along Park Avenue, where pedestrian traffic tends to be heavier during the warmer months of the years.
Garcia says he knows that teens stand a higher chance of becoming victims of gun violence and that's why he'll be praying for a safe summer.
"I hope it will be a better future for the whole city, for the state and for everybody because this gun violence is not right for nobody," said Garcia.
Both suspects' bonds are set at $1 million.

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