Bridgeport community rallies around family of slain 12-year-old

Bridgeport neighbors joined together to support the family of a 12-year-old boy who was fatally shot this week.
Clinton Howell was shot to death just a few feet from the front door of his apartment on Willow Street.
Residents joined together at Perfections Lounge on Barnum Avenue Sunday with pictures of murder victims who have died in the city of Bridgeport and to support Howell’s family.
The family has now raised more than $20,000, which was the goal they set on their GoFundMe page.
Their mission is to cover Howell's funeral expenses and support the family.
They say it has not been easy to deal with the grief, but they appreciate the community spirit involved in generating funds for them.
State Sen.-elect Dennis Bradley says Howell volunteered on his campaign was very well known for being an enthusiastic worker.