Exclusive: Bridgeport veterans say ‘enough is enough’ while waiting for new veterans center location

A group of veterans in Bridgeport are waiting for the city and the mayor’s office to make good on a promise to find a new location for their veteran's center. They say, "enough is enough."
The Bridgeport Veterans Center is where veterans go every day. Clothes are given out to veterans and there's also a food pantry.
Some veterans told News 12 the building is in horrible shape. They say there's a lot of mold and water damage inside. They also say the city and mayor are dragging their feet to find a new place.
The veterans say they just want a new safe and clean place of their own.
“And we are serving food to veterans here. How can we be serving food to veterans in a place that is not healthy,” said veteran George Torres.
Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal is now aware of the situation.
“I'm going to look into any situation where a veterans organization helping other veterans is in need of some kind of support and help,” Blumenthal said.
Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim has not said much to News 12 about the veterans building and a new location. However, one of the mayor’s aides said, “the city continues to look for suitable locations.”
For now, the veterans wait and wonder as they’re inside a building they say they wouldn't even let a dog stay in never mind someone who served this country.
One of the veteran's said things are so bad when it comes to supplies that he's buying coffee, creamer and even toilet paper for the bathroom with his own money.