Bridgeport Independent Party asks John Gomes to end mayoral campaign

News 12 Connecticut has obtained a letter from the Bridgeport Independent Party who has asked Bridgeport mayoral candidate John Gomes to end his campaign for mayor.
Party officials have asked Gomes not to use their party line in a redo of the November election next month.
They say Gomes has refused to engage party officials about whether he should continue his campaign.
Earlier this month, Mayor Joe Ganim won the new primary election.
If an election is held on Feb. 27, it would be the fourth time voters would be asked to choose between Gomes and Ganim.
The deadline to withdraw from the election is Thursday.
A fourth race would happen unless all but one candidate withdraws from the race.
As News 12 has reported, a judge threw out the original primary over allegations of voter fraud. Ganim also won the November general election.