Bridgeport man devises plot to stop porch pirate in his tracks

A Bridgeport man says he got so tired of a porch pirate stealing packages from in front of his house that he decided to teach the thief a lesson he would never forget.
Elvin Agosoto works in the building industry and says he takes an enormous amount of pride in his family's work ethic.
He says he was furious when he heard someone known as "the Madison Avenue Bandit" ended up stealing thousands of dollars' worth of merchandise right off of peoples' doorsteps.
"Stop doing that. People are out here really working their butts off for their money, you know?" he said.
Agosoto and his family thought about ways to handle the situation.
He filled a few boxes with his "nastiest" trash, carefully wrapping up in plastic so it wouldn't leak until the recipient opened it. He also included a note.
He didn't have to wait long.
Surveillance video caught "the Madison Avenue Bandit" snatching the special delivery.
"He looked like he was happy going down the stairs and he went on his merry way," said Agosoto. "Hopefully, he learns his lesson."
Police say while surveillance cameras are great for documenting thefts, the best way to prevent them is to carefully track and coordinate deliveries so items are never left sitting outside your home where anybody can get them.