Bridgeport man fast-tracked for kidney transplant

A Bridgeport man has been put on the fast track to receive a kidney transplant after News 12 Connecticut told the couple's story one year ago.
"I have no other words but to say thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you News 12!," says Edna Villaneuva.
Villaneuva, 60, has been going to dialysis three times a week for years.
The couple received help from Jen Benson of New Canaan who, after her own personal ordeal, founded a nonprofit called The Transplant Journey.
Its mission is to help people just like Gilbert who are desperately trying to get an organ transplant.
"I saw the story that Frank did, and I wanted to help them because I could relate to the story myself because I was in a similar situation," said Benson.
Benson says thanks to an "angel donor" who also saw the News 12 story and to a year of patient diplomacy on her part, she was finally able to get Gilbert onto the transplant list at the University of Toledo Medical Center.
The couple's started a GoFundMe to help with long-term recovery expenses.