Bridgeport mayor, Blumenthal announce $1 million small business relief plan

Bridgeport mayor Joe Ganim and Sen. Richard Blumenthal announced a plan Saturday to help small businesses get back on their feet.
They say it will use $1 million in emergency federal funding through a special loan program to help small business owners struggling to stay in business.
"This federal relief money is a lifeline for small businesses struggling to survive, hanging by a thread," says Sen. Blumenthal.
Ganim says the city will use about $1 million in emergency federal aid to help small business owners with loans and grants.
"Simply put, these federal dollars are now going to help us continue to support our businesses in Bridgeport with loans and grants to help them get through this difficult period," says Ganim.
The owner of Funchal Americana Buffet in downtown Bridgeport hopes the emergency plan to help small business owners will keep his doors from closing.
Val Fernandes says it's been one struggle after another trying to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Mayor Ganim says the city will release the details of the small business emergency relief plan this week.