Bridgeport mothers look to influence young people and save lives

<p>Bridgeport mothers who have lost loved ones to violence are making efforts to save young lives.</p>

News 12 Staff

Feb 17, 2018, 5:38 PM

Updated 2,293 days ago


The mothers of Connecticut murder victims gathered in Bridgeport Saturday, to say that a meeting they held one week ago is already achieving amazing results.
Merieta Bayati, 35, knows what it means to have a close loved one ripped away from her as the result of violent crime. She says she feels a powerful kinship with the group, Connecticut Mothers United for Healing. 
"We have control in our households. We can reach our children, our sons, our daughters, but most importantly, we need to instill certain values in our children right at home," said Bayati. "It definitely starts with us."
The group's organizers say Bayati's reaction to their first meeting last week was typical of what they heard from so many people. 
The women are taking steps to influence young people and keep them from losing their lives to violent crime by exercising an influence on their values and the way they make decisions.

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