Bridgeport nonprofit helps family with funeral expenses during National Month of Hope

April is the National Month of Hope and a Bridgeport woman is observing the occasion by helping a local mom who just lost her 40-year-old daughter.
"This is what I do. I love helping, I love making a difference," said April Barron, who is head of the nonprofit Helping Hands Outreach.
Her organization is raising money to help Barbara Jeffries bury her daughter Keisha, who recently died after a series of health problems.
The National Month of Hope is observed by doing acts of kindness.
Jeffries says she appreciates Barron's help.
"She's a very wonderful person, and I'm grateful to her for helping. I'm grateful to all the people we are helping me get through this," said Jefferies.
The funeral will be held at Community Funeral Chapel on Park Avenue Friday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.