Bridgeport officials announce new mask mandate for indoor public settings

Bridgeport is the latest city in Connecticut to enact an indoor mask mandate, with Mayor Joe Ganim out promoting the move Wednesday with an emphasis on keeping children safe.
"We used to say the most vulnerable are the elderly; most of them have [the vaccine]. Now, we're looking to protect children," Ganim said.
City officials say they're asking everyone to cooperate with the mask mandate for their own protection but are not saying they will impose fines.
"This is only one precaution. This won't stop the pandemic; it will slow it down. The vaccination will stop it. We have a tool; let's use it," Ganim said.
It's welcoming news for pro-mask parents like Chantelle Cain-Robinson, who says she's not taking any chances when it comes to the safety of her 8-year-old son, Omere.
"My worst fear is that he will contract COVID-19 and be very sick, and not be the child that he is now," she said.
Like many pro-mask parents, Cain-Robinson points out that any non-vaccinated adult who does not wear a mask puts kids at risk -- because the FDA has not yet approved vaccinating children under the age of 12.
"I absolutely do agree with the mandate, and I think that it does protect a lot of people, not just children, but elderly -- everyone," she said. "With the new variant and everything, it's just -- you just never know."