Bridgeport officials announce start of Earn While You Learn Academy for aspiring EMTs

The city of Bridgeport today announced the start of the inaugural Earn While You Learn program for aspiring EMS professionals.
The program allows for on-the-job training while taking the necessary certification courses to become emergency medical technicians.
Officials with American Medical Response say pending successful completion of the program, the participants receive the opportunity to become full-time employees.
The announcement was made at the Margaret Morton Government Center.
AMR will train around 15 to 20 applicants to become EMTs.
Not only is the training free, but the trainees will also get paid minimum wage as they learn.
AMR officials say they want to help those struggling who may have lost their jobs amid the pandemic.
They've lost around 10 EMTs in the Bridgeport-New Haven area the past year and are looking to create more jobs.
Those wishing to apply can fill out an application online and must be at least 18 years old, pass a background and drug test, and live in the Park City.
Those selected will take an eight-week course.
They must pass both AMR's test and the state test.
If they become certified, they'll be offered a part-time or full-time job with AMR.
Mayor Joe Ganim says he hopes residents will take advantage of the opportunity.
"You can serve your community while having a good career. That's what we want people to know," Ganim says.
AMR also offers the program in Hartford and New Haven.