Bridgeport Police Chief Porter talks strategies to cut crime on Facebook live

Bridgeport Police Chief Roderick Porter says sexual assault, robberies and shootings are down in the city, but homicides and burglaries are up.
On this week's Facebook live with the chief, he discussed strategies to combat crime, including hiring more officers.
Porter also mentioned tracking crimes on LexisNexus Community Crime Map, and upping the department's abilities to solve crimes through ballistics and DNA.
"In coming months we're going to be getting our own DNA kiosk, it's already been purchased, hopefully it's arrival will be happening soon and what the DNA kiosk will do, it will allow us to process our own DNA that we obtain from crime scenes ,we'll still use the state lab for major crimes and things like that. But this DNA kiosk will help us with smaller crimes like burglaries," Porter said.
Porter hosts Facebook live discussions each Tuesday.