Bridgeport police officers honored for saving unresponsive driver from burning car

The Bridgeport Police Department is honoring four officers who saved an unresponsive driver from a burning car Saturday night.
Bridgeport police say a bare wheel rim scraped and burned a hole into the pavement. Cellphone video captured by a News 12 viewer shows officers Wilberto Rivera, Wally Franco, Zach Schuler and Dave Teixeira rushing over to the ignited car and pulling the driver free.
Acting Chief Rebecca Garcia says she is glad to see her officers' heroism caught on video.
"I actually have to thank the person that caught it on video and shared it, because it's a positive," she said.
The owner of Taqueria La Michoacana caught surveillance video showing the apparently unresponsive driver colliding with another car by the curb. The car continues to lurch forward as it appears to be stuck in drive.
Chief Garcia says the incident was called in as a medical emergency.
"To this date, we really don't know what happened and we respect that person's privacy," said Garcia.
Another unidentified person can be seen climbing out the vehicle's backseat a few minutes after the crash, and before police arrive on scene.
As the investigation continues, Garcia is taking the opportunity to recognize the four officers who saved a life.
"I'm proud of the work that they will be doing and they will definitely be added to my next award ceremony here at the police department," she said.