Bridgeport police recruits undergo interaction training for people with mental health issues

Officers fresh out of the Bridgeport Police Academy are learning how to navigate situations involving interactions with those who have mental health issues.
The newly minted officers in Bridgeport are learning the ropes when it comes to mental health - ropes officials say didn't even exist 20 years ago.
Recruits walked the streets Thursday with senior officers to get training on what to do when they arrive on the scene of a crime and find themselves tackling issues that relate directly to mental health.
Liberation programs are teaching Bridgeport police officers how to connect people who need emergency assistance due to mental health issues.
Joanne Montgomery used to be a heroin addict trying to survive on the streets of Bridgeport, and she is now a chief clinical officer who helps people currently going through the nightmare she endured. Montgomery is assisting the Bridgeport police in their training.