Bridgeport residents: City is ignoring abandoned vehicles tagged for impoundment

Bridgeport residents tell News 12 they are upset over an abandoned RV in their neighborhood which they say has become a spot for drug use and prostitution.
The abandoned RV has been been parked at Edwin Street and Bruce Boulevard on the city's East End for more than two months.
The RV is red tagged, which means police have marketed it for impoundment as an abandoned vehicle.
A similar situation is also taking place a few blocks away where there is a boat that has been red tagged, but has yet to be removed.
Residents say situations like this would not happen in upscale communities.
"These things remain on the city street because there is not a destination where we can place them," says Eneida Martinez. "It's unfair to the city taxpayers, it's unfair to the community that lives here that they have to drive by this every day or they have to look at this out of their window."
City officials say they are looking into the situation.