Bridgeport school principal plays role in helping students and their family escape Afghanistan

A Bridgeport school principal had a major role in helping two students and their family members escape Afghanistan. 
Principal Brett Gustafson from Curiale School sent out an email about the start of the school year on Aug. 22 and one reply said, “We are stuck in Afghanistan.”
Gustafson says that email drew him into the complex process of helping arrange an escape from Kabul for two of his students, their mom, and sibling. 
Making that happen took days, and it meant dealing with a number of setbacks and regulations.
After a number of emails, texts, and phone calls, the family was finally picked up by U.S. Army Rangers and taken to a safe house to be put on a plane.
While Gustafson is relieved the family made it out of Afghanistan, he still does not know where they are or when they could arrive in Bridgeport.