Bridgeport student stabbed in the back

A Bullard-Havens Technical High School student is recovering after he was accidentally stabbed in the back by his best friend Wednesday morning.
The stabbing happened in an electrical class at the school, which is located at 500 Palisade Ave. in Bridgeport.
According to school officials, one of the boys was fooling around in class, chasing another boy with a sharp object in his hand. They say he tripped as he was coming around a corner and accidentally stabbed a third student as he fell.
The victim suffered a puncture wound to his back, but was reportedly doing well as of Wednesday afternoon.
All the students involved in the incident are high school sophomores. Their names have not been released.
Since Bullard-Havens is run by the state, state police were called in to investigate the incident. Police are looking to find out what type of sharp instrument the student had and why was he chasing someone with it.
The principal says the instrument was most likely a tool used in the electrical class.
?Any one of the tools can be a problem if you don't use them properly and if you're fooling around,? says Bullar-Havens Technical principal Joe Lavorgna. ?They can end up hurting somebody and that's what happened in this case.?
Lavorgna adds that the stabber will be punished for his actions.