Bridgeport treatment center aims to help people struggling with addiction

A Fairfield County treatment center is offering a helping hand to people looking to start their addiction recovery, as well as people who aren't ready yet.
Recovery experts at Liberation Programs in Bridgeport say with addiction and overdoses on the rise during the pandemic, they're here to reduce harm and keep people safe.
President and CEO John Hamilton says Connecticut has seen a more than 15% jump in overdoses.
Along with recovery counseling, Liberation Programs has a mobile community outreach team that travels all over Fairfield County, offering narcan, clean needles and pipes and fentanyl test strips so those who aren't ready to get clean yet can use more safely.
"We don't promote getting high. We promote if you're going to get high, we want you to be safe," said Hamilton.
Members of the outreach team say it's not about preaching or judging, it's about building ties and letting people know where help is available.
"We're not promoting them getting in recovery, we're promoting them to use safe. Hopefully, one day, when they're ready for some help, they know our name, on a first name basis, our whole outreach team, they know our name so when they want help, we're there to help them. We don't care where you're at, when you want help, we'll come and get you, and we'll get you help," said outreach coordinator Franklin McClain.
Liberation Programs is participating in a study staff say will help people in recovery stay on their medications and out of relapse.
Experts say suboxone treatment for opioid addiction can cost upwards of $150 per week. They say study participants will receive their medications at no cost.