Bridgeport woman saved by child’s car seat after domestic violence incident

A Bridgeport woman is starting out the new year by bringing awareness to domestic violence. 
Michelle Hanley, a 30-year-old woman from Bridgeport says she was a victim of domestic violence.
Police tell News 12 Connecticut that in November, a man who Hanley says stalked her, fired multiple shots into the back of her car as she tried to get away from him.
Police say this is one of the bullets that got lodged in the car seat directly behind the driver seat where Michelle was sitting, likely saving her life.
They say 28-year old Demetrious Young of Bridgeport is facing attempted murder charges. The judge sethis bond at $500,000.
Michelle says she is speaking out on New Year's Day to build awareness about domestic violence, and to encourage other victims to get help.
She says the car seat that caught the bullets saved her life.