Bridgeport woman says disabled mother went missing for hours after getting off Greater Bridgeport Transit bus

A Bridgeport woman says her mother, who has Alzheimer's, went missing for hours Saturday and blames a city minibus driver for the situation.
Carmen Agosto says on Saturday, she spent hours wondering where her mom was before she got a call that a good Samaritan had brought the 77-year-old to the police station.
Joaquina Agosto was scheduled to return home around 2 p.m. Saturday after spending time at Sunset Shores Adult Day Center in Stratford, but Carmen Agosto says instead, she waited and worried until 6 p.m. when she got a call that her mom had been found and was at the police station.
The director of Greater Bridgeport Transit says that while the driver of an accessible minibus dropped Joaquina Agosto off at the correct address, more should have been done to make sure she got inside safely.
The transit manager says that the agency is struggling to find enough drivers, but he is working to make sure drivers have more training and more information about passengers’ needs.
"The service should be the same for everyone. In this case, the driver should have gotten up and assisted her to the door for the handoff," said CEO of Bridgeport Transit Douglas Holcomb.
The transit manager says not only was this driver new, but the manifest was missing information that would have provided information about Joaquina Agosto's needs.
Carmen Agosto wants to find the person who rescued her mother.
"God bless them and that I am very, very thankful, because if this good person had not found her, I don't know what could have happened," she said.