Bridgeport woman says her ex-boyfriend deliberately ran her over with his vehicle; pleads for his arrest

A Bridgeport woman says an ex-boyfriend who deliberately ran her over with his vehicle has still not been arrested.
The incident happened last week on Olive Street. The 24-year-old, who asked News 12 to identify her as Jessica, says she suffered a broken leg and other serious injuries when her ex-boyfriend deliberately hit her with his car before driving away, leaving her bleeding heavily in the street. Jessica says she has a restraining order against the man and the incident was all caught on video. She says she does not feel safe
"I never thought that this man, meeting him years ago, he would do something like this to me,” says Jessica.
The victim's mother says her daughter is staying at an undisclosed location, because the man who did this to her has still not been arrested, although authorities say they are investigating the incident.
"And I'm just tired of it, and I wish the police would do something about it and get him off the street,” says Jessica’s mother.
Deb Greenwood is the executive director of the nonprofit Center for Family Justice. She says no woman should have to walk the path away from a domestic abuser alone, especially in a case like this one, when the crime is so well-documented.
"This individual was out to not just hurt that person and scare them -- possibly kill them,” says Greenwood.
Greenwood says when an abuser is free, as in this case, it is vital for the victim to call a domestic abuse hotline so the case can be documented and the victim can seek safety. Empower House is a shelter her agency runs, through which advocates work with police to make sure justice is served.
"I do fear for my life that he's still out here on the streets," says Jessica.
Greenwood says the video is all the evidence any court should need to put Jessica's attacker behind bars.
“He needs to be held accountable for what he did," says Greenwood.
"I want justice, I want him off the street," says Jessica.
Officials say the suspect is a 29-year-old Stratford man. Anyone with information is asked to call 203-576-TIPS.
If you are involved in a harmful relationship there is help. The Domestic Abuse Hotline can be reached at 203-384-9559.