Bridgeport woman who left kids in hot car while getting nails done bonds out

A Bridgeport woman who authorities say left her two young children inside a hot car while she got her nails done has bonded out. 
Tiffany Covington, 28, was arrested on June 18 after her two boys, ages 1 and 4, were found unconscious in the back of her car.
Police say it was at least 70 degrees outside at the time.
They say Covington fought back when police tried to arrest her, knocking a body camera off one officer and biting their hands while she was being handcuffed.
Covington was charged with risk of injury, assault on public safety office and interfering with an officer.
She is expected to appear in court on August 25.
When Covington was arrested Friday, police stated her bond was $250,000.
However, her file lists it as $75,000.