Bridgeport woman with PTSD explores creative arts therapy with help of NYU doctor

A Bridgeport woman whose son died in a double homicide is exploring a new form of treatment to help her deal with the pain of her loss.
Dr. Nisha Sajnani runs a program at New York University exploring innovative ways to treat people who are deeply scarred emotionally because of horrific things that have happened to them.
Sajnani was in Bridgeport Thursday to meet with April Barron, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Her son was shot to death in Norwalk in 2011.
Sajnani leads a drama therapy program at NYU that's working closely with the World Health Organization to advance research on the health benefits of the arts.
She says people have always known that the arts  — whether it's music, dance, drama or any other form of artistic expression — make people feel better.
Now, she says, science is catching up and health insurance coverage may soon pay for recipients who have PTSD to go to museums, a dance class or take part in creative arts therapy.