Building Hope Foundation holds Thanksgiving celebration for people with special needs

A Bridgeport nonprofit held a special Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday for people with special needs.
Building Hope Foundation brought together kids and adults with special needs with music therapist Megan Kellog to celebrate at Disability Resource Network.
"I could spend my time being, like, sad or upset or miserable but I like to spread love and I like to spread the light and that's what I do," said Kellog.
"You know, when you see the look on their faces and you see the boost in energy, it's electrifying," added Bridgeport resident Charles Fuller Jr.
The organization’s Andrew Lasala told News 12 it feels great to host a regular program here with music for the kids since music therapy is widely recognized now to be not just fun and entertaining, but also genuinely therapeutic as a way of treating stress and anxiety, and as a way of promoting healthy social interaction and interpersonal development for people with special needs.