Calf Pasture Beach celebrates opening of newly renovated skate park

Norwalk welcomed its new skate park at Calf Pasture Beach after two years of planning and construction.
Dozens of riders buckled their chinstraps, tightened their roller blades and grabbed a hold of their scooters to break in the new facility.
The city’s original skate park was one of the first in the region but has shown its age in recent years.
The new park was built on the footprint of the original but expanded. It features skate park classics like banks, rails, steps and quarter pipes. There’s plenty to try for all skill levels.
Skaters say the new park is a noticeable improvement.
“It was a nice park, but this, I’d take this any day,” says Evan from Wilton.
Mayor Harry Rilling attended the opening and applauded riders for their moves on the park.
“It takes a lot of skill, I’m really impressed when I see somebody go up on that hill there and come back down,” says Rilling.
The project was funded through the American Rescue Plan Act funds and the city’s capital budget.