Cameras, tips sought to keep Co-op City crime low

Keeping Co-op City crime low was on the agenda at a forum in the large housing complex.
Law enforcement officials and elected officials met with residents at a forum Monday. A 45th Precinct captain said while crime is down, incidents still occur. He gave a recent string of burglaries and an August shooting as examples.
Officials asked residents not to hesitate when it comes to giving tips and cooperating with cops.
Councilman Larry Seabrook, who hosted the meeting, added he wants to have a forensic psychologist gang specialist talk to young people about the paths they take in life. He also wants to have surveillance cameras installed.
Security experts believe cameras will help pinpoint problems and alert responding police about what to expect at the scene.
Seabrook said he is exploring options on how to pay for the installation, including funding from the City Council and Department of Homeland Security.
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