Candidate for mayor of Bridgeport says he is for the people

Lamond Daniels is a petitioning candidate for mayor of Bridgeport in the upcoming general election. "I am a licensed clinical social worker. Social workers are about people and having a mayor that's going to put the people first, I believe I'm ready to do that," said Daniels. The 51-year-old says as chief of community services for the City of Norwalk, he has just the kind of municipal executive government experience needed to run the City of Bridgeport. The candidate told News12 he is "disgusted" by the ballot controversy putting a negative national spotlight on Bridgeport. "My goal is to do right every day. I don't have a lot of baggage on me," Daniels said. "What I have is the guts, the determination to stand up for our people, and that's what's missing in our government." Daniels says he believes he has a shot at becoming the next mayor of Bridgeport.