Caroline Simmons beats Bobby Valentine 15,565 to 14,060, becomes next Stamford mayor

Caroline Simmons beat Bobby Valentine in a run for Stamford mayor 15,565 to 14,060, state officials report.
The race received national attention due to Valentine’s Major League Baseball celebrity. Valentine had claimed that there were voting irregularities earlier in the evening Tuesday.
Simmons was supposed to coast to victory in a solidly Democratic area, but Valentine made it a close contest with some national attention. Simmons even got an endorsement from former President Barack Obama.
Valentine ran as an unaffiliated candidate. He was endorsed by the Stamford police and teachers unions.
He also had the support of former President George W. Bush and some well-known baseball names.
Simmons addressed her supporters shortly after midnight just a few minutes after Valentine conceded. Simmons thanked her team and her family and friends, and also all the women who inspired her to run for office. She says her win is a victory for all young women adding they can do whatever they want to do.
The 35-year-old has represented Stamford in the state legislature since 2015.
She'll replace Mayor David Martin who she defeated in the Democratic Primary.