CDC Advisory Committee votes to add COVID to recommended vaccine schedule for all

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, or ACIP, voted 15-0 Thursday to add COVID-19 to the recommended vaccine schedule for both children and adults.
Advocates say while COVID is lower risk for children, that doesn't mean it's no risk.
ACIP members are stressing the CDC doesn't have jurisdiction over vaccine mandates for schools or anywhere else.
Republican candidate for governor Bob Stefanowski has come out against vaccine mandates and is challenging Gov. Ned Lamont to do the same.
"I've got the booster, I think you do as well. But we don't think it should be forced. Forced on kids, forced on public employees. It's up to the person," said Stefanowski.
Lamont pointed out Thursday there's no state mandate around seasonal flu vaccine, which is also on the CDC schedule.
"Connecticut we're more likely to voluntarily get the flu shot than just about any state. And I think that same type of good behavior and preventive thoughts will transfer over to COVID," said Lamont.
Even among the vaccinated, opinion is split on whether the shot should be a requirement for school kids.