CDC offers new guidance to celebrate holidays safely

Halloween is in about two weeks, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now issuing new guidance on how we can all celebrate the holidays more safely in 2021.
The recommendations continue to push for everyone to get vaccinated, plus a booster shot, if appropriate.
It also recommends limiting the exposure of young kids who can't get the shot to unvaccinated people.
The agency recommends wearing masks for all indoor parties, and taking other precautions before big family parties, like testing in advance or avoiding crowded indoor spaces before making the trip.
As for trick-or-treating, which health officials frowned on last year, they say it’s pretty safe to do this year - as long as it's outdoors and in small groups.
Before the vaccine last year, post-holiday COVID-19 cases surged.
In January, the death toll peaked at 3,600 deaths per day.
Those numbers should be dramatically different this year.