CDC: State reaches ‘milestone’, eases more restrictions on COVID-19 guidelines

For the past year, New Yorkers have lived with COVID-19 restrictions, but now that more than half of New Yorkers have gotten vaccinated, the state will start loosening more restrictions. 
Last week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said once 70% of people have received their first dose, the state would lift restrictions. 
According to the CDC, the state has reached that milestone. This will impact all the restrictions we’ve seen over the past year, including disinfecting, health screenings and contact tracing. 
All of those precautions will become optional at retail businesses, restaurants, offices, gyms and fitness centers and other small privately-owned businesses. 
News 12’s Arnold Davick details more on how there are some places that will still have to follow those guidelines, despite the state reaching the 70% milestone.