Chick-fil-A denied space in Fairfield after plan and zoning commission vote

Chick-fil-A has been denied a space in Fairfield after the town's Plannig and Zoning Commission held a vote.
The commision held a meeting Tuesday night, and all seven commissioners voted against the proposal to bring the fast-food chain to Fairfield.  
Chick-fil-A submitted its proposal in June to replace the former Joe's American Bar and Grill on the Post Road as well as a barbershop that's on the property.
In August, the Plan and Zoning Commission took up the matter with four hearings which included hours' worth of discussion, the reviewal of several traffic studies, and comments from the public.
The applicants say their site plan was designed in a way to mitigate traffic.
They say the drive-thru would have been two lanes and would be able to accommodate 36 cars without overflowing onto the Post Road.
They add the Fairfield site is larger than the Chick-fil-A property in Norwalk where many say traffic has been an issue.
However, with the Post Road being busy already, and being close to I-95, Plan and Zoning commissioners weren't confident in the site plan.
One commissioner noted they had received more than 200 emails about the proposal and out of the emails, only two people were in favor of the plan.
The developers can appeal the decision and the matter would then be taken up in an appeals court.