Christmas comes early for Connecticut shoppers

Some Connecticut residents are doing their Christmas shopping months in advance in anticipation of a price hike on many holiday items.
?They're having a sale right now, so it makes a lot of sense,? says Lori Andrews, of Westport. ?People want to save money. There's a certain logic to that.?
By December, experts say prices will shoot up 15 percent, especially on holiday ornaments imported from Europe.
But holiday decorations are not the only consumer goods that are expected to be affected by the price increase. Luxury items like European designer bags and clothes are also on the list.
That is why Lauren Mulligan, the owner of Un Minette in Wilton, urges her customers to shop now and give preference to local designers in order to save cash.
?There [are] so many things that we can get from this country and put in our own boutiques and sell,? she says. ?It's a really great opportunity to get some great stuff and support our own economy at the same time.?
According to experts, many stores are still in the process of determining their holiday prices, and with the drop in the cost of oil in recent weeks, some bargains still can be found.