Co-workers mourn 2 victims of Stamford hit-and-run; former boss says suspect called in tears

People at Cantina Mexicana Restaurant in Stamford are mourning the loss of two co-workers killed in a Stamford hit-and-run.
A memorial of flowers, candles and pictures honors the lives of Giovani Vega Benis and Yuliana Arias Lozano, who both worked there.
"I know she was by herself here, so we were basically her family. Everybody here loved him too," said Selena Hernandez at Cantina Mexicana.
The restaurant says the two 25-year-old co-workers were on their way home early Saturday morning when they were crossing Washington Boulevard and were hit by a car.
Police say they were in the crosswalk.
"My heart goes out to the families involved in this. This is a horrible, horrible, horrible tragedy," said Tobias Taylor, the suspect's former boss.
As News12 Connecticut has reported, Stamford police have named 24-year-old Michael Talbot, from Greenwich, as the only suspect in this criminal investigation.
Talbot's former boss, owner of The Plug, a shoe store in Stamford, tells News 12 that Talbot called him right after the accident.
"He was in tears. He was crying. Said that he really fu**** up. He killed two people, and it's just one of those things that you can't quite comprehend at the time," said Taylor.
Police have seized Talbot's brand-new Mercedes and are trying to build their case before they file charges and make an arrest.
Police say Talbot left the scene and that they later found him hiding behind a dumpster. They spoke to him shortly after the incident and let him go.
"He didn't tell me why he left the scene. I can't begin to imagine why somebody would leave the scene. If you know you hit somebody, you would check to see if they're OK," said Taylor.
Anyone with information is asked to contact Stamford Police at 203-977-4712.