College students face book sticker shock 101

Shopping at the Bronx Community College bookstore, many students are shocked to learn that books can cost as much as classes.
The New York Public Interest Research Group released a report Tuesday after surveying 350 faculty members at 26 colleges and universities across the state. According to NYPIRG, professors are to blame for students sometimes paying hundreds of dollars for one textbook, since instructors pick the books.
During a time when tuition is increasing while school aid is decreasing, NYPIRG wants instructors to allow students to use older textbook editions. The group claims the differences are usually page numbers or minute pieces of information that could cost big bucks.
Students, some of whom have turned to Internet booksellers to cut costs, agree and so do teachers. "Students come here, scrape all their pennies together so they can go to school and earn more money, and then they can't buy the textbooks," says professor Nichole McDaniel.
NYPIRG: Sticker Shock 101