Collinsville offers antique shopping, restaurants and New England charm

Collinsville, Connecticut, may not be a place you've heard much about but its quaint New England charm, rich history, antique shopping and restaurants are some things you just don't want to miss out on.
Located along the Farmington River, Collinsville is home to the original Collins Company, a major hatchet and knives maker during the Civil War era.
The building where the factory once stood now serves as the Canton Historical Society building.
On display inside, there is a huge collection of machetes, axes, knives and swords that were all used in the Civil War.
Local author Marty Podskoch says the town has a lot to offer, including antique shops, restaurants and outdoor trails.
There is a gift shop where furniture made by the Amish is sold, and there's ice cream from the Avery Soda Factory in New Britain.
There is also a trail along the Farmington River where people can enjoy the tranquil beauty of the outdoors.