Conn. delegates among protesters assaulted at RNC

(AP) - Authorities say Connecticut delegateswere among the GOP members assaulted by anti-war protesters outsideof the Republican National Convention.
They included former Congressman Rob Simmons, who tells TheHartford Courant that they were swarmed by dozens of protesters asthey approached the Xcel Energy Center on Monday.
Simmons, state Republican party chairman Chris Healy and otherConnecticut delegates were doused by a solution that smelled ofbleach.
A hazardous materials team checked them afterward. No seriousinjuries were reported.
Paramedics also examined 83-year-old Stratford delegate FredBiebel, who had trouble breathing after a protester snatched adelegate credential from his neck.
Protesters at the convention also smashed windows, punctured cartires and threw bottles Monday. Police used pepper spray inconfrontations with demonstrators and arrested several people.