Conn. voters scurry to make registration deadline

Voters raced to meet the registration deadline throughout southwestern Connecticut Tuesday.
Election officials are expecting a stronger than ever turnout on Nov. 4.
"We had 57,000 last time and we had 82 percent participating," says Alice Fortunato (D), of Stamford Registrar of Voters. "We'll have I believe over 60,000 this time and we'll have over 90, maybe 92 to 93 percent."
For those who were unable to make the 8 p.m. deadline, a presidential ballot can be obtained from any town clerk's office. However, late registrants are unable to vote in local races.
The secretary of state's office is assuring voters despite the high anticipated turnout, lines will not be longer to get in the booths. Four times as many voting booths are available this election than in 2004.