Connecticut company fears for its employees in Ukraine; says 1 employee is fighting for his country

A local company believed to be the largest Connecticut employer of Ukrainian workers, says it's chief concern right now is keeping its people overseas safe.
IntelliBoard is a fast growing education-technology company that is headquartered in Monroe. Sixty-two of its employees have been living and working in Ukraine for years.
Since Russia invaded last week, some of those employees have joined the caravan of people who are leaving the country for nearby Poland, Slovakia and Germany.
But for those employees who have stayed in Ukraine, each day is a challenge.
"The Ukrainians keep us posted daily on where they are, where they are physically located, what their circumstances are. Whether or not they were shelled or bombed," said Tonya Riney with IntelliBoard.
IntelliBoard has two offices in Ukraine. It says one of the bomb shelters for its employees is a parking garage and says one of its people is actually fighting for his country.
The company's CEO has family in Russia and there are three employees who live in Russia who are economically traumatized.
"We are doing everything that we can to support everyone and just to be aware of really anything that we can do," said Riney.
The company says all its employees are doing okay.
Gov. Ned Lamont and state organizations like the Department of Economic and Community Development, the state's quasi-public technology investment arm, say they have been talking to IntelliBoard the last few days to see what can be done to support them.